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Hard Quiz Auditions 2022

Hard Quiz Auditions Auditions 2022-Auditions, Casting,  Dates & Judges

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Hard Quiz is an Australian quiz show with a bit of comedy in it, which started in the year 2016. The quiz show is hosted by the well-known comedian Tom Gleeson, who in every episode gets the chance to mock and quiz four contenders, every one of whom has chosen a specialist subject area.

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Gleeson has said that he was astounded by the accomplishment of the program, saying he didn’t think of getting success. The 3rd season debuted in February 2018 and, following a mid-season rest, continued in September 2018.


Hard Quiz comprises of four candidates, every one of which has chosen a master branch of knowledge. The candidates get 5 questions with respect to their specialty subject, followed by questions from a different subject of Gleeson’s choice and afterward the general knowledge questions.

Contenders get 5 points for getting a question effectively and lose 5 for the wrong answer. Amid the Experts Round, a competitor may endeavor to answer a question from another contestant’s specialist area. This is also referred to as The Steal. In the event that a Steal is correct, the competitor gets 10 points however will just lose 5 points for a wrong Steal.

The one with the most minimal score is eliminated from the show. In case of a tie for the lowest score, Gleeson presents two choices for a given question, which the first candidate to buzz in at that point answers. If the contender picks accurately, the other candidate is eliminated and the other way around if the appropriate response given is wrong. The last two candidates answer questions in regards to their picked subject area in a best of 5 shootout format, with the victor getting a trophy as the Hard Quiz brass mug.


There is only one person who controls this show and that is Tom Gleeson. He brings out his humor every now and then during the show and also asks some challenging questions to his contestants. The show revolves around how Tom Gleeson makes it tough for the contestants and who comes out as the final winner of the show and gets the coveted Hard Quiz brass mug.


Based on the previous season below are expected requirement:

  1. You must be an Australian Citizen.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or over.


Follow the below steps to apply:

  1. Go to https://go.mycastingnet.com/Apply/Show/HardQuizS6
  2. Click on apply now
  3. Fill your details and submit

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