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Australian Survivor Auditions 2022

Australian Survivor Auditions Auditions 2022- Casting,  Dates & Judges

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Australian Survivor is basically an Australian reality game show on the lines of the Survivor format. The show includes a gathering of contenders who are marooned in a far off area, where they should offer food, fire, water, and safe house for themselves. The contenders contend in challenges for remunerations and immunity from being eliminated from the show. The contenders are continuously eliminated as they get voted out by their fellow challengers until just one remains and are given the title of “Sole Australian Survivor” and a fantastic prize of about A$500,000.

The series first started in the year 2002 on the Nine Network. During the year 2006, there was a celeb version on the Seven Network. The two manifestations of the series went on for just one season because of low TRP ratings and a lack of viewership from the audience.


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The show goes along the same format as the alternate versions of the show. The players are part into a few tribes and are taken to a remote area and are compelled to live off with small supplies for a certain period. Numerous physical and mental challenges are utilized to set the groups against one another for remunerations, forcing the other tribe to go to Tribal Council, where they should basically vote out one of their teammates out of the game.

During the midway of the game, the tribes are converted into a solitary tribe, and rivalries are on an individual way; winning the immunity keeps that player from being thrown out of the game. Most players that are usually voted out amid this stage progress toward becoming members of the Tribal Council Jury.


There are no particular judges for the show but there have been numerous people that have hosted the Australian survivor throughout the years. Lincoln Howes was the first ever host of the show when it aired for the first time in the year 2002.

Ian Dickson followed in the year of 2006 as the host of the show and currently it is hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia.


Based on the previous season below are the expected requirements:

  1. You must be 18 years of age or over
  2. You must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  3. You must be able to swim.
  4. You need to be physically and mentally strong enough to survive in some of the toughest conditions ever experienced.
  5. You must be able to engage with others, be confident and be comfortable living in close quarters with strangers.


Currently not available. For more updates, please visit the official website: https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/australian-survivor

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